This book is a rare cross between psychology and software design. It made me understand the deeper reasons of why a lot of UX design patterns are the way they are.
— Manuscript Reviewer, UX Software Architect with over 10 years experience.

Design for the Mind: Seven Psychological Principles of Persuasive Design teaches web designers and developers how to create sites and applications that appeal to our innate natural responses as humans. Author Victor Yocco, a researcher on psychology and communication, introduces the most immediately relevant and applicable psychological concepts, breaks down each theory into easily-digested principles, then shows how they can be used to inform better design. The idea is not to produce a use-by-rote set of patterns for digital persuasion, but to deepen your understanding of why people react in the way they do to design features and approaches. After reading the book, you should be equipped to make your work more psychologically friendly, engaging, and persuasive.