I've engaged in guerrilla research standing in front of gorillas. And manatees, alligators, giraffes, and more.

I am a Research Director with Intuitive Company. I have experience working with clients in the fields of banking, healthcare, museums, telecommunications, universities, zoos, and more. I have a broad background in research, with experience using many quantitative and qualitative methods. I have published studies ranging from zoo visitors' use of technology, the public value of art museums, environmental communication, and more. I enjoy research focusing on principles of psychology and communication. Please contact me if you would like my assistance in designing or carrying out a study.


I bring the voice of the user to the table when it comes to making design and strategy decisions. 

I am a communications expert with a focus on digital assets. Through Intuitive Company, I partner with businesses in all industries to define a strategy for reaching their fullest potential. I can work with your team to create a roadmap for your digital experiences. I can help your marketing efforts to reach their potential. My strategy efforts focus on blending best practices and research to meet the unique needs of my partners.