Hanselminutes Podcast Appearance

I recently spoke with Scott Hanselman for his Hanselminutes podcast. We had a great discussion about the culture promoting alcohol use in tech. Scott introduced a great analogy with experiences he's had as a diabetic. I've gotten a lot of great feedback from listeners. Please give the episode a listen and leave a comment if you'd like:

Addressing Alcohol Abuse in Tech - An Interview on the WashingTECH Podcast

I had a chance to speak with Joe Miller for his tech and policy focused podcast. We discussed addressing the culture of alcohol abuse in tech, as well as how to design more friendly resources for policy makers. Take a listen here

Podcast Appearance - WorkLife HUB Podcast

There are many different aspects to inclusive workplaces and fostering diversity. One that is not so much talked about is the use of alcohol, the abuse of alcohol, and what employers can do to create a safe environment for recovering alcoholics. We speak to a man who has good authority on this issue, listen to this episode in which Victor Yocco shares his personal journey and gives incredibly valuable advice to employers and co-workers.