Podcast Appearance - WorkLife HUB Podcast

There are many different aspects to inclusive workplaces and fostering diversity. One that is not so much talked about is the use of alcohol, the abuse of alcohol, and what employers can do to create a safe environment for recovering alcoholics. We speak to a man who has good authority on this issue, listen to this episode in which Victor Yocco shares his personal journey and gives incredibly valuable advice to employers and co-workers. 

Asking for Support - Key to Living a Healthy Life - Conscious Magazine

We live in a society that touts the positive aspects of individualism. Work hard, pay your own way, and be proud of your individual achievements. There’s nothing wrong with that mindset, except it isn’t how people truly achieve success. Most of us give and receive a lot of support on our way to overcoming adversity and accomplishing goals. This is particularly true when it comes to the toughest challenges in our lives.