UI Breakfast Podcast Interview

I recently spoke with Jane Portman from the UI Breakfast podcast. We discussed Design for the Mind and the applications of principles of psychology to digital design. I enjoyed the interview, even when she tried to call me out for contradicting myself :) Take a listen here - http://uibreakfast.com/28-persuasive-design-victor-yocco/

Podcast Appearance - User Defenders with Jason Ogle

I had the opportunity to appear as a guest on the User Defenders podcast. I had a great conversation with host Jason Ogle, as we discussed everything from how I found myself in UX research, alcohol abuse, and my take on the future of design and academia. I hope you enjoy listening. http://userdefenders.com/podcast/017-the-value-of-the-theory-is-in-the-application-with-victor-yocco/